Head Check to be sure…

Wet Head Check

A head check is an easy way to discover if your family has head lice.  Many people do not itch even with an active case of head lice.

A female louse only has to mate one time at the onset of adulthood to begin laying eggs…about 175 eggs (conservatively) in her  lifespan. After a female reaches adulthood she will live about 17-20 more days:  From birth to death 30-35 days.

Peaks View Head Lice recommends doing a weekly head check to assess if you have contracted a bug and any nits during the week. By performing a weekly check, it decreases the likelihood of a bug laying lots of nits because you are checking frequently.

Wet Head Check:

  • Wash hair w/shampoo and rinse; apply regular conditioner and massage into scalp and leave it in.
  • Section hair into 4 sections.
  • With professional lice comb; comb each section for 1 minute and wipe the build-up onto a white paper towel.
  • Spread the conditioner out across the paper towel and look for dark oval shaped nits or bugs with legs.  peaksviewheadlicelicenitspin



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