All Products used are Safe, Non-Toxic

Head Checks/Consultations: Without Treatment

  • Individual $25.00    
  • Family Head Checks $40.00 total for entire family (up to six at same visit)  
    •  Professional Head Checks to determine which family members have head lice and/or nits (up to 6 family members included)
    • Consultation with licensed Registered Nurse
    • Discuss Treatment Options both Professional and Do-it-Yourself
    • Family Treatment Discounts Discussed during Consultation
    • Treatment Plan of Care* assessment with your needs in mind
    • Head Lice Awareness & Control Education
    • Back to School or Work Note as needed with a clean head check assessed by PVHL or after a Professional Treatment in our office. Note not available with DIY Jump Start Comb-Out.

Treatment Pricing:  Full Treatment in our office

All Treatment prices Include:
Head Check; Full Treatment; Wellness/Follow-Up; Education; Cleaning Information; Back to School or Work Note; Insurance Codes so you can file with your insurance company.

  • Price range based on severity; and hair type.  Basic cost is listed below. Quoting your specific cost over the phone is difficult as we are not looking at your head but we can be more exact about your specific cost during your consultation prior to any treatment. The information we gather at your consultation when we see you is if your hair is past mid-back; you have a severe infestation of lice and nits; you have newly hatched stage 1&2 baby bugs (nymphs); or if your hair is thick or curly. This information tells us if there will be extra time,  different treatment products, or a method change needed to complete a successful treatment at your appointment. If you already know that some of the above information applies to your situation, see **’Additional Information’ below which may affect the basic cost.

Basic Cost:

    • Buzz Cut; Boys Cut; Pixie ABOVE Ears-
      • Ages under 2 $35.00; Ages 3-11 $45.00; Ages 12 – Adult $65.00
    • Infants to under 2 years – From $35.00
    • Children 3 – 4 Years – From $50.00
    • Children 5 – 8 Years – From $75.00
    • Children 9 – 11 Years – From $100.00
    • Children 12 – 17 Years – From $135.00
    • Adults 18 Years and Over – From $135.00
    • Family Discount available and is automatically applied beginning at treatment #3 of the immediate family same day only.
    • Head Checks for other family members same day is $10.00 each

**Additional Information which may require a more technical appointment is gathered at the beginning of your appointment:  We will advise you upfront if any of these apply during the initial consultation/head check prior to any treatment we do.

It is common that not all of these additions will apply to you in most situations, and it is possible that none of them will apply to you.

  • Severe cases add $30;
  • XL hair (past mid-back) add $45;
  • thick hair add $30;
  • curly hair add $30;
  • those with stage 1&2 baby bugs (nymphs) add $5.

DIY Jump Start Comb-Out:

DIY Jump Start Comb-Out is not considered a treatment by Peaks View Head Lice but will help you get a jump start on your do it yourself home treatment at an economical cost.

Cost $50.00

Comb-Out includes

  • Head Check;
  • 30 Minute Professional Comb-Out in studio using Treatment product by a certified head lice technician;
  • Professional Treatment Comb to take home;
  • Complete Instructions and combing schedule to perform at home to help you be successful in getting rid of lice and nits in your ‘at home treatment’.

We carry professional DIY Treatment products for sale in our studio at $15 or less that will assist you in your at home treatment and helps you with the combing process.

Head Checks for rest of family (not receiving comb-out) is $10.00 each on same day.

Products for Sale for your convenience: 

Our prices meet or beat on-line pricing

  • Repelling Hair Care Products –
  • Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Care Products to repair and renew – Brand Name
  • Treatment Kits – Do-It-Yourself – Safe; Non-Toxic ingredients
  • Head Lice Combs – Professional

Education & Other Services:


Methods of payment accepted: 

Cash; Check; Credit; Debit;

FSA; HSA; Health Flex Spending

We serve Central Virginia and surrounding communities. Bedford; Roanoke; Lynchburg; Salem; Blue Ridge; Cave Springs; Fincastle; Smith Mountain Lake; Huddleston; New London; Chamblissburg; Moneta; Goode; Big Island; Montvale; Hardy; Goodview; Charlottesville; Appomatox; Forest; Buchanan; Brookneal; Thaxton; Dublin; Vinton; Blacksburg; Pembroke; Amherst; Drakes Branch; Madison Heights; Bonsack; Gladys; Covington; Lexington; Buena Vista; and others in Bedford county; Campbell county; Roanoke county; Franklin county; Salem county; Pittsylvania county; Botetourt county; Rockbridge county; Amherst county; Nelson county; Appomatox county;  Charlotte county; Halifax county; Giles county; Craig county; Clifton Forge county; and beyond.