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Treatments For Every Budget

All Non-Toxic and Safe Products

COMPLETE Treat Once Method.

Payment Methods Accepted: HSA, FSA, Credit Card, Cash, Check, Coming Soon Square Installment Plans.  Insurance codes provided with your receipt to file with your insurance (some plans reimburse you for head lice treatments).

Family Plan

Available discount on same day treatments.

Children 2 and Under


People w/Buzz Cuts or Pixie Cuts


Head Start Plan


Premium Strand by Strand

$85.00 to $135.00  

Budget Friendly Professional Combs & Kits


See Information Below for Further Details on Treatments.

Weekend and Treatments Requested After 5 p.m – $25.00 Surcharge 

Children 2 and Under Treatment

Includes: Head Check – Consultation – Professional Treatment –  Picture Follow-Up x1  – Take Home Plan of Care.  $50.00

People with Buzz Cut or Pixie Cut Length Hair Treatment

Includes: Head Check – Consultation – Professional Treatment –  Picture Follow-Up x1  – Take Home Plan of Care.  $50.00

Head Start Plan

Includes: Head Check – Consultation – Professional Comb Out (30 Minutes)  – Take Home Plan of Care.  $50.00 1st Person, $45.00 each additional person.

Premium Strand by Strand Full & Complete Treatment

2 pricing options available

Includes: Head Check – Consultation – Professional Treatment –  Follow-Up Head Check in Studio within 7 days OR at home with picture. School Note Available after treatment.

*Up to 90 minute Treatment Time: Premium Plan is $85.00 with Follow-Up Home Head Check completed by you via Picture sent to PVHL to assess.  Premium Plus Plan is $135.00 with in-studio Follow-Up Head Check within 7 days post treatment. Additional Treatment Time beyond first 90 minutes is $25.00 each additional 15 minutes. Length of treatment time varies with individual hair type and infestation level: long, thick, curly, or severe cases may require more than 90 minutes. I will give you a more detailed projected cost at your appt. before work is begun on hair.

Family Rates for Complete Treatment- Family Plan Available at a reduced rate on same day appointments. $85 Premium Plan to $135 Premium Plus Plan first person-up to 90 minutes; then $22.50/15 minutes for all treatments therafter (up to 4 people).

Budget Friendly Professional Treatment Combs and Kits

Non-Toxic Products – Starting as low as $10.00 for professional metal lice comb.  All products are professional grade including combs. Combing guide included so you can achieve success at home.


Head Checks/Consultation 

Includes:  Office Visit with Head Check, Education on Cleaning, and Treatment Options. Head Check Fee waived with treatment.

Individual Without Treatment

Family Without Treatment

Family Mbr. of Someone Treated on Same Day


$40.00 Up to 6 people







All Products used are Safe, Non-Toxic