Appointments (540) 632-1093

Please arrive promptly to your appointment with

clean, dry, and detangled hair.

Regarding Appointments

An Appointment is always needed and can easily be arranged by calling our office.

The reason an appointment is needed:

  • Specific time set aside for you and your family to get the job done right.
    • It takes time to get all nits and bugs out; there is no rushing the process.

Please be prompt:

  • Because a specific time is set aside for you and your family; being late reduces our time with you to help you become lice free.  If you are late; we may need to reschedule to assure you of adequate time for proper treatment.

Missing your appointment/No Shows:

  • If you find that you are not going to be able to make your appointment as scheduled; please call our office to let us know so that we can reschedule.  Things change and we understand that…just let us know.  Thank you!